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Diagnostics and visualization of socio-economic domains from a macro-perspective


Entropology series 2019/01 'A systemic explanation of 'organic life'. Fixing the semantics and understanding entropy.' (English) August 2019 Download
Proceedings The General Principle of Maximum Entropy Production April 2019 Download
Entropology series 2018/02 'High Frequency Trading as an emergent aspect' (English) December 2018 Download
Entropology series 2018/01 'The IT-revolution and it's impact on the financial sector' (Dutch) July 2018 Download
Visualization series 2017/01 'Visualizing the taxonomy of entropic and anti-entropic aspects' (English) March 2017 Download

Latest blogs

This is a selection of some of our blogs. More is available on our Medium and LinkedIn profiles.
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Van de vos en het IT-tijderk (Dutch) June 2018  Read on LinkedIn
Over insecten en de onzichtbare crisis op de financiële markten Nov 2017  Read on LinkedIn
The bittersweet cryptocurrency revolution
The irony of being hijacked by what you are trying to replace.
Sept 2017  Read on Medium