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Our socio-economic domains are mainly driven by non-linear thermodynamic undercurrents, just like natural systems such as the weather, ecosystems, immune-systems etc. Specifically, at a high abstraction-level, all these dynamics abide to the same so-called 'Maximum Entropy Production Principle'. This is a very technical and abstract principle, and it is currently not well understood.
But in the current era of the IT-revolution and globalization, where governmental policies are increasingly failing to address the biggest issues of our era, we think this principle holds the key to effective policies.
To be able to perform research and provide consultancy on the application of this principle to our socio-economic, financial and technological domains, by means of qualitative and quantitative analyses and visualizations, EntropoMetrics has developed a conceptual and metric framework, based on complex/non-linear dynamics, chaos-theory, thermodynamics/statistical mechanics and other sciences.
A lot of work has gone into maximizing the level of abstraction and strict formalization of the terminology of this conceptual framework, to prevent any 'anthropocentric' or ambiguous 'normative' aspects creeping into our methodology. This yields a broadly applicable paradigm for effective and empirically supported policy-making.

Membership of r3.0

Since September 2019 EntropoMetrics is Advocation Partner of r3.0, and member of its working-group Blueprint Value Cycles.
R3.0 is a global common good not-for-profit platform. It is developing a wide-scope framework for new business models and systemic accounting, which is needed for a transition towards an actual open, inclusive and green society.
More info on the blueprint for Value Cycles can be found here.

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