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Research into a specific socio-economic (sub)domain consists of 4 parts: an orientation, a qualitative analysis, a technical analysis, and an afterword.
Card image cap Such an orientation is called a Pre-diagnostic Report (a visit to the doctor), which may contain diagnostic suspicions.
After that, an actual (quantitative) analysis can be performed, with a concluding (entropological) diagnosis. The afterword may contain extrapolations of existing trends, or some advice.
Over here we publish these reports, in English and Dutch.

Entropology series 2018/02 'High Frequency Trading as an emergent aspect' (English) Dec '18 Download
Entropology series 2018/01 'The IT-revolution and it's impact on the financial sector' (Dutch) July '18 Download
Visualization series 2017/01 'Visualizing the taxonomy of entropic and anti-entropic aspects' (English) March '17 Download
Diagnostics and visualization of
socio-economic domains
from a macro-perspective
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