Diagnostics and visualization of socio-economic domains
from a macro-perspective

previously 'The MapRoom'


As our socio-economic domains have become hyper-connected and much more complex, it becomes clear that they are actually instances of complex dynamic systems (cf meteorology).
Just like natural ecosystems, weather, and our bodies (for example) have become apparent as such. This is stimulating several scientific disciplines to shift their paradigm from a linear/deterministic approach towards a non-linear/non-deterministic approach (e.g. in Big Data/AI, economics, sociology, forecasting).

As this paradigm-shift becomes more mainstream, the demand for a general theory on trends and aspects within complex dynamic systems, will increase.
This will result in systematic ontologies of structures and diagnostic models, concerning the most elementary and constructive property of complex dynamic systems: entropy.
Therefore I would like to call this discipline: 'entropology'.

As this discipline matures, it will be possible to quantify and qualify alignment and mis-alignment of certain existing aspects and trends in certain domains with the specific logic of entropy of that domain.
This will become the new area of competition for companies, and a new area of compliance policy for governments.

For example: there will be the shift from the capitalistic ideal of growth to the organic ideal of molting, since molting aligns with the entropic logic of ecosystems (and pure growth does not). The companies and governments that facilitate this molting process (for companies etc) will be the most efficient (circular economies).


For the exegesis and implementation of this 'entropological paradigm', the proposition is to create:

  • a research foundation that develops the canonical ontologies and diagnostic models of entropic aspects and trends, and organizes multi-disciplinary conferences and education material, etc
  • a commercial entity that provides consultancy: technical and qualitative domain analyses and diagnostics, on specific domains (or aspects/trends)
  • a commercial entity that develops IT-solutions for quantative metrics and visualization techniques that support these ontologies and diagnostics (think of the weather-channel) (with the other 2 as obvious launching customers)


For inquiries send an email to Martijn Veening: info@entropometrics.com.

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