Diagnostics and visualization of socio-economic domains
from a macro-perspective

previously 'The MapRoom'


Events in the real world are collateral visual aspects of undercurrents of domain-specific entropy.
We perform quantitative and qualitative analysis on aspects and trends in the entropy of specific socio-economic domains, and their impact on the interests of our clients.
We also provide public research and illustrative material for the diagnostics of anti-entropic aspects in our societies.

For inquiries send an email to info@entropometrics.com.

Visual diagnostics on entropic domains

The imperative of visualizing the taxonomy of entropic and anti-entropic aspects.

Whitepaper · visualization · March 2017

The IT-era and its impact on global entropy

Is the IT-revolution yielding just a selective entropic accelerant, or a new dimension for emerging meta-patterns?

Macro-trend report · globalization · July 2017

The entropological paradigm

Our first book on entropology: what do life, evolution, healthcare and the economy have to do with thermo-dynamic entropy?

Book · entropology · Aug 2017

Introductie van de Chief Systemic Officer

One of our recent postings on Medium (in Dutch)